What is the best size for a Facebook Group Photo? Updated: Nov 28th 2017

Facebook has a habit of changing all their default image sizes around. This keeps Page and Group managers on our toes!

In November 2017, Facebook changed the image size for the Facebook Group Photo. Facebook has stated the new ideal size is 1,640px by 856px.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the ideal size is 820x428px. On a PC, Facebook shows an 820x428px image, with the bottom covered up a little. On a mobile, it depends on the screen resolution, so is bigger but the same ratio. But with the size of mobile phone screens, having anything bigger isn’t much use.

On a mobile, it overlays text on the bottom portion of the image, so it’s best to avoid putting any of your own text down there.

Therefore don’t put any text below 300px and don’t put any important parts of the image below 333px.

Facebook group photo size overview

Facebook group photo size details

So on PC using this tactic, my Facebook Group Photo size (for Web Design Chichester Group: “The Website Collective“) ends up looking like this, so you can see how a bit of my legs and the horizon disappear:

My Facebook Cover Image Size PC

And on mobile, my Facebook Group Photo size ends up looking like this, so you can see how the Facebook text overlay does not interfere with my own text:

My Facebook Cover Image Size Mobile

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