What are Visitors actually DOING on my website? How do I know? How can I find out?

This is a question we can now answer, and to set it up only takes a few minutes. If you want to see the details of what people are actually looking at on each page, where they scroll to on their phone, where they hover their mouse, then this blog is for you.

You’ve set up your SEO, your ad campaigns on Facebook/Google and visitors are arriving in droves. They are staying a good while, reading your content and looking at your products, but for some reason they aren’t doing the final step you want them to do, which might be to contact you, or to buy a product, or to sign up to your list if they aren’t ready to buy quite yet. Maybe the contact form isn’t obvious enough. Maybe the pricing is confusing. Maybe the call to action button is not attention grabbing enough. Whatever it is, you can either guess, or be informed. Let’s go with the latter! There are several solutions available, but I’m going to show you one called Smartlook, for no other reason that, at the time of writing, it has a free tier so you can evaluate it out before jumping in.

how do I know what people are actually doing on my website

After creating an account, you simply add a small script to your website (in the same way you should already do for similar tracking tools like Google Analytics), at which point Smartlook will start creating videos of what happens on your site. If the visitor is on a PC, you’ll see the mouse moving around. If they are on a phone or tablet, you’ll see their finger presses and swipes. On both, you’ll see the pages scrolling, when paused to look at sections, when they looked at another site and then came back to yours. You’ll see what they press. Over time, this will give you insight into what’s working and what needs tweaking.

Check out my video of how it works on my web design Chichester website to see it in action:


If you have a website and you can’t figure out how to install this, or prefer to leave the tech side of things to the experts and want it installed, please contact me now.

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