Do great business with more people.

Note: I’m currently not taking on new site builds or other large pieces of work.

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High Performing Web Design Chichester, services & expert advice, based in Chichester, with clients across the World.

Need improvements to your current website, or a complete refresh? Engage existing and future customers with a new look. Let’s work together to ensure your customers get what they need, quickly.

Together we can do great things. I’ll guide you every step of the way.

Why choose me?


I will create a site or redesign your current one in a way that compliments your brand’s image and represents the value your brand provides to your customers.

I’m professional & reliable, with an attention to the details. As well as being responsive, which just means it will resize on all devices properly, it will actually be mobile friendly, so that important info leaps out of the mobile site to engage with visitors.

I’ll make sure your sites will guide your visitors to what they need & get your business message across quickly. How will I do this? By understanding your business first.

I’ve no idea if we’ll be a match for each other, but if you are looking for Web Design Chichester, or anywhere else on the planet, let’s have a chat to find out!


What’s On Offer?

Business Benefits

  • Understand – your business
  • Solve – your web problems
  • Advice – on all web ideas
  • Create – your new sites
  • Change – your current sites
  • Get more visitors
  • Excite more visitors
  • Do more business with more people

Geek Stuff

  • eCommerce – physical or digital sales
  • Membership – restrict content & earn
  • Security – mitigate risks
  • Hosting Changes – speedy load
  • Email
  • Domain names
  • Maintenance
  • SEO – Improve visibility on Google
  • Newsletters – build email lists

Solving Client Problems

Press an example to see how problems were solved and products supplied.

I aim to understand your business first so that any digital marketing matches your needs.

Get a website with a custom design that conveys the value your business adds to your clients.

The Process

Every website build will be different and tailored to your needs, but here’s the typical build process.


Step #1 Your Business

We’ll talk about your business, your current situation and future plans. This will let me understand your business needs and provide the best product to match. We’ll discuss design elements too. What you like. What you don’t like.

Step #2 Sitemap

We’ll work together to decide what features are needed on the site and what pages are needed in a sitemap, which will give the site a basic structure.

Step #3 Build

I’ll build a draft design of the site, with some basic content outlines. You can request tweaks and changes to the look and feel till we reach something that represents your brand and makes your visitors feel they are in the right place.

Step #4 SEO

We’ll work on details like social media sharing image and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I’ll advise on the most searched for keywords relevant to your business so that visitors find you more often.


Step #5 Content

I then work on the content detail with you, including words and imagery so that visitors get the right info and know what to do next, so that more of them are converted into leads and customers.

Step #6 Test to Live

After testing the site is working as expected, we’ll copy it across to the live server, plus alert Google and social media that the site has changed.

Keeping the site relevant

A good site is one that stays relevant and changes according to what visitors are looking at and what they are ignoring. If you look at my care packages, as well as keeping the site secure, I’ll regularly meet with you to discuss website and digital marketing strategy, as well as analysing visitor activity.