Website Help Collective – Rules

Website Help Collective is your community and so we ask you to help us keep it a friendly, safe, collaborative and spam-free space we can all be proud of.

Without doubt, those who get the most from this community are those that put the most in. Here are the simple rules of what to do and and what what to AVOID.

Note: If asking a question, no links to your site in a first post. Put one in the comments if you need to.

Types of posts we will love:

Tell us your results, experiences (highs and lows), tips, tactics and strategies that are working for you. Don’t be shy, let’s hear it!

Get answers
ASK. ASK. ASK. In the words of Ferris Bueller “Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive.”. There are no stupid questions. This group exists purely to answer your questions. Before you post, do a quick search and see if the same question has been answered before. And try to answer as many questions as you ask – this is a COMMUNITY and not a notice board.

Let’s see those wins (no matter how big or small) and anything that’s inspiring you. You’ll inspire others.

Found something amazing? Share it (just not if it’s yours or you’re in any way affiliated… that’s not a discovery, that’s promo…)

This community is only as valuable as the people in it and how we interact. You might make someone’s day with just a small comment. If someone asks and it’s relevant, go ahead and post blog posts, videos, tools or events if it’s helpful.

Types of posts that will need a parachute for (because you’ll be ejected):

i.e. zero tolerance rules.

If you promo, you’ll be removed. Simple. No linking to, promoting, sharing, inviting, mentioning or asking for feedback on your or anyone else’s live product, website, course, coaching, mastermind book, webinar, FB Live, Group, Page.
You can reply with links, but ONLY if someone has asked you to or it’s helpful and relevant. Do not start posts deliberately prompting such requests. Asking “Would anyone find it really useful if there was a course on website improvements?” and then linking out to everyone who replies is NOT acceptable.
If it looks like a promo, sounds like a promo or is in face a promo, IT IS A PROMO. LOL. We’ll ban you. If you see anything like this, please use the “report to admin” option (not “report to facebook” – they won’t care).

No Facebook Live
This is too time consuming / impossible for us to check. Don’t do it.

No cold direct messaging
Unless someone asked you to, no private messaging people. If we hear about this you’ll be permanently banned and probably talked about behind your back.

No affiliate links
Recommend stuff because you’ve used it and it works, not because you stand to make some money. Bannage awaits.

Other behaviour stuff

Be nice to each other. Personal attacks or responding in kind to someone else’s attack will end in your tears. No one elses. Think before you post and ask if you’re helping the poster and the community.

No sharing outside of the Website Help Collective – the idea is that you can post in confidence. Similarly, think before you post, because we can’t stop anyone doing this apart from asking nicely now. If you want to reuse something elsewhere, ask the poster first.

Admin are allowed to promo, but are not exempt from being nice and helpful and all that other good stuff!



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