Web Design Chichester

Hi. I’m Charles. I work with clients all over the world, as far as Australia, to get the most out of their websites, reaching more people and generating more business. However, this page is for businesses that operate locally to me, where I do my Web Design, Chichester, in West Sussex, UK.

If you live near enough and think we might be a match, I’d love to meet up to hear more about your business, to see if we could work together.

For an example of how I might be able to help, I launched an overhauled website for a client at the end of December. On their previous self-built Squarespace website, only 15% of visitors were sticking around to look at the site. After switching on my version of the website a huge 62% of visitors were looking around the site properly.

In their first full month of using my site, from ~1000 website visitors, they had 55 contact-form submissions to start conversations, most of which were converted to actual business. That number of organic visitors (from search) was up 50% on previous months too. “January was VERY good”.

How was this achieved? For starters, the site loads a lot faster on mobile phones. Additionally, subtle changes to the design are more appealing and match their brand better, whilst still being clean and easy to read. The visitors are guided to the right info and from there guided onwards to the contact form.

I also spent time investigating keyword phrases that people were typing into google in relation to their business and optimised the site to match the most relevant so that the business is found on search more easily and visitors are delighted by the content they get when they arrive.

I can help with more technical aspects too. If your website is loading slowly, I can advise on improvements to both the website and possible tweaks on your hosting, or if need be a change to a better host that can serve up content more quickly.

If you need a step beyond the usual business brochure site, I love working with membership websites, with the ability to take recurring subscription payments online.

So if you are looking for web design in Chichester, please contact me to see if we might be a match.