Zooming Photography is a Corporate and Wedding photography business. They asked me to look at their site to see if I had any suggestions for improvements. I suggested and implemented various improvements to site security, visitor usability, proofing, server speed / page load speed, and social media integration. They were very happy and recommended me to another client to do similar work on their new website. If you want to geek out, the details of the work done is below:

  • installing an SSL certificate so that visitors see the green padlock
  • fix the menu to the top on mobile phones for easier navigation
  • speed up the page load by compressing content sent from the server to visitors’ browsers
  • grammar and spelling proofing
  • change email and mobile phone text to clickable links to make it easier for customers to get in touch
  • rearrange menu structure to be more intuitive
  • fix the pixelated logo
  • hide the login area to reduce the chance of hacking
  • change the image that appears when the site is shared to social media sites so that it looks good
  • add sharing buttons
  • automate the copyright year
  • remove and limit the huge number of page revisions stored in the database