Runningversity, the online running course company, need an advanced, dynamic website so that their customers can learn about running in a structured way. It also allows them to communicate in a social network style, to keep each other motivated, chat with the course instructors and ask each other questions. This lets them learn to run in the right way from the start.

Runners are shown video tutorials, provided over encrypted and domain protected storage so that they videos cannot be shown elsewhere. They then take quizzes, results of which are stored in the database to allow progress through the various courses, for example the running for beginners course and the beginner walking program course. That site is for customers only. They purchase the courses via an online shop.

Prior to arriving at that site, a separate marketing website for the public acts as a lead generator, helping a prospect choose the right course depending on their level, giving them the details about the course or giving them helpful blog content.